Pendyrus entertains capacity crowd of 74,000 at the new Principality Stadium

RBS 6 Nations Wales v Scotland Pendyrus entertains a capacity crowd of 74,000 at the new Principality Stadium for the 2016 RBS 6 nations match between Wales and Scotland.

The choir sang Welsh and Scottish favourites such as Calon Lân, Sospan Fach, Cwm Rhondda and Loch Lomond which was very well received by the visitors!

This was followed by the two anthems Flower of Scotland and Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau which was a great prelude to what was to become a great match.

Tom Richards hits the big time

Tom Richards, a former member of the Pendyrus Male Choir, has been offered a part in the Les Les Misérables Asian tour working with top artists from Broadway, Australia and the West End.

It was reported in the Mail on Sunday Tom was very excited and that singing was always what he had wanted to do.

We in Pendyrus are very proud of Tom’s achievements and this is proof of the benefits of joining Pendyrus as a good way of advancing young peoples’ ambitions in music. Four young members of Pendyrus have gone on to University this year following a couple of years singing with choir under the baton of Stewart Roberts, one of the top leaders in music education.

Any young man who loves music should seriously consider joining this excellent means of education in music and would be warmly welcomed.