International Press Notices

“An ensemble of male voices it would be difficult to match anywhere in the world”

“An outstanding exponent of the choral tradition of Wales”

“The virility and splendid blend and balance of Pendyrus came as a revelation”

“A technical wonder in such matters as producing fullness of sound and absolutely dazzling diction”

“A well-disciplined and responsive ensemble. For a choir that is essentially an amateur body its singing was always of high standard”

“Choirs like Pendyrus are adventurous, forward-looking and wholly professional in their standards”

“A superbly drilled, precise, yet warm-voiced instrument, this choir has the knack of breathing meaning and vitality into everything they sing”

“A body of unusually fine voices; it is clear that it is guided with finesse and flair”

“One of the most widely-acclaimed of Welsh choruses, who demonstrate at once their versatility and care for cleanly balanced ensemble”

“Entertainment in the best meaning of the word”

“Pendyrus exemplifies all that is thrilling in choral singing. Its spontaneous vigour, exquisite control, ability to rise and fall through dynamic colouring, and its skill in soul-stirring interpretation leaves little to be desired in aural delight”

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