A Welsh Choir

Wales, traditionally the “Land of Song”, is renowned for its “male voice choirs”. These have flourished since the late 19th Century, particularly in the coal-mining valleys of the south and the slate-quarrying areas of the north, and, for over 90 years, Pendyrus has been one of the foremost names among them..

Pendyrus Male Choir performs throughout the British Isles and overseas. It undertakes fee-paying and charity engagements, and is available for concerts, after-dinner and corporate entertainment, and national and promotional events.
The Welsh choir is a member of the Welsh Music Guild, and of the Welsh Amateur Music Federation, from which it receives financial assistance, and is supported by a Lottery grant from the Arts Council of Wales, and by grants from the Communities First Trust Fund and Menter Iaith.

Who’s who in Pendyrus ?

Musical Director:
Ieuan Jones
*Gavin Parry
His Honour Sir Wyn Williams Kt QC
Peter J Murphy Q.C.
*Robert Williams

General Secretary and Transport Manager:
Graham Clarke
Financial Secretary:
Bill Richards
 General Secretary:
 Financial Secretary:
Anthony Evans

Publicity Manager:
Jordan Davies
Recruitment Manager:
**Byron L Seldon
Membership Secretary:
Graham Clarke
I.T. Manager:
*Paul A Adams

Choristers of Pendyrus Choir
The Pendyrus Management Team
Former Directors of Pendyrus Choir
Accompanists & Guest Conductors
Managemant Team November 2018